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Online Workshop (Zoom)

« Ballet meets Tango »

On Sunday 17th of March 2024

2:00 - 3:15 pm (CET)


(if necessary I can translate to French/German/Spanish)

15€ / Person

(Bank transfer or PayPal)

Classical dance is a great foundation for all dances and is learnt by many professionals of other dance styles in order to acquire more control and a clean technique.

 The aim of the workshop is to combine the precision of ballet with the technique of tango: The focus is on footwork, technique, grace and the clean execution of the movements. We will start with a small ballet unit and then integrate this into tango exercises. Finally, we will learn a small sequence with dance elements.

The workshop is suitable for both tango and ballet beginners and for all levels.

Please be ready with ballet slippers/socks and tango shoes/exercise shoes.

  • After registering you will get an email with the payment information. 

  • Once the workshop fee paid, you will get a confirmation per email.

  • One day before the workshop you will get the zoom-link per email.

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