Ballet has been my passion since my early childhood. In 2009 my passion became my full time job as I joined the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier, with whom I performed worldwide, including tours in Germany, France, Italy, America, Russia, China, Japan and Australia. Until the pandemic I was a guest with the Theater Kiel under the direction of Yaroslav Ivanenko.

In 2013 I decided to share my experience with students of all ages and levels by teaching in various dance schools in Hamburg. Body control, grace and the fun of dancing are especially important to me.

My Ballet Classes

TYBAS Dance Center

Bäckerbreitergang 26, Gänsemarkt, Hamburg

Advanced Ballet:

Thursday 8:00 - 9:15 pm

Ballet-Strength & Ballet-Stretch:

Thursday 7:00 - 8:00 pm

My own class



Once a month: Saturday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ==> Info & Registration

« Händel in Motion »

Music: La Porta Musicale

« Dancing on Jungfernstieg »

Video: Bernd Zabel, Music: Trio Eclipse

Upcoming Events

°11th of November 2023 at 11 am: Variation class online, White Swan from the ballet Swan Lake ==> Info


Tango Argentino

Tango Argentino has been at the centre of my personal explorations for the last eleven years. Trips to Buenos Aires and workshops with international maestros of the tango scene brought me closer to the culture and technique of this exciting and musical dance. Since 2014 I teach Tango and perform all over Europe.

The main focus of my work is the connection between dance and music as well as the embrace and communication between the leader and the follower.

with Philipp Adämmer

«Die Show» from « Das Tanzstudio »

My Tango Classes

- Single -

Technique for both roles (without partner):

Online (video):

==> Media library

Ladies technique workshop

Next workshop on September 30:

« Boleos & Ganchos »

==> Info/Registration

- In couple -


Beim Schlump 13A, Eimsbüttel

Tango, Vals & Milonga class in couple


Together with Andrés Sautel

Monday, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

==> Registration

Tango classes with Andrés Sautel

Technique classes

with Onur Gümrükçü

with Demetrio Scafaria

Upcoming Events

° Online classes? ==> To the media library

° Classes with Andrés Sautel: Continuing in August: Mondays at 7:00 pm ==> Registration

Wanna continue with the online classes? ==> Write us an email

° September 30 2023 from 10:00 pm: Milonga cooperation together with Universo Tango ==> Info

° October 11-12 2023: Workshops and show in Hamburg with Demetrio Scafaria ==> Info

° October 14 2023: Show in Halle (Saale) with Demetrio Scafaria ==> Info

° From October 23-November 11 2023: Tango technique for both roles at the TANGOmatrix ==> Info

° proTango e.V. Germany: Coordinator for the Hamburg regional group ==> proTango Hamburg

° «Code of Conduct» of the tango teachers in Hamburg ==> To the agreement


Private classes

For ballet as well as for tango and Pilates, individual lessons offer the possibility to adapt the structure of the training to you. Private lessons create space for you to address your own needs and work on subtleties of your choice.

We can find out where your strengths lie and what we can still work on together.

Private classes can also take place in small groups.

Another way to get personal advices is a video-analysis: Send me a video of your training and I will send you my comments and corrections with a video with personal and adapted exercises for your needs. (For tango: with or without partner.)

Training and dancing in a healthy way, both mentally and physically, are very important to me.

Video-analysis for tango


ballet, floor barre, Pilates, body work, stretching:

60 minutes ==> 90 €  |  5 x  ==> 425 €  (valid for 6 months)  |  10 x ==> 800 €  (valid for a year)

Tango Argentino with one student or in couple:

60 minutes ==> 100 € |  5 x  ==> 475 €  (valid for 6 months)  |  10 x ==> 900 €  (valid for a year)

video-analysis (max. 15 minutes video):

 1 video ==> 50 €  |  5 x ==> 200 €  |  10 x ==> 300 €

All the offers are also available online via teleconference.


Make someone happy and offer them dance! ==> Send me an email


About Me

I started dancing when I was four years old. I used to imitate ballet figures from a book that was lying around our house. My parents recognised early my urge to move and decided to enrol me in a dance school. I started with rythmics and ballet, and continued with jazz, modern, contemporary, folklore and step dance. At the age of 12, I joined the dance and study programm Association pour la Formation de jeunes Danseurs (AFJD) at Béthusy high school.

At the age of 16, I left my hometown Lausanne (CH) to complete a two-year training at the Hamburg Ballet of John Neumeier. During these two years I received a scholarship from the Migros (pour-cent culturel). Hereupon I joined the company for four years and performed on various stages around the world. These exciting years have had a great influence on me personally and professionally. Few years after I discovered my passion and talent for teaching, which has since become my full-time job, alongside freelancing as a dancer in different projects.

In 2013 I discovered another passion; Tango-Argentino. After several years of travelling, learning and dancing I delighted to share my experience and knowledge with students from all ages and levels.

I love movement in its various forms and enjoy getting to know the body. To expand my dancing knowledge and skills, I also took part in teacher trainings for Pilates, fascia training, fitness and yoga.

I speak fluent French (mother tongue), English, German and Spanish.


° 1rst place at the ballet competition of Solothurn (CH) in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

° 1rst place at the german championship of argentine tango (tango salón) with Alonso Alvarez in 2014.

° Finalist at the european championship of argentine tango (tango salón) with Onur Gümrükçü in 2016.



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Interview of me (in German) in the musepaper about the benefits of cross-training ==> To the article

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